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Rogue Fitness – Mobile App

2016 – 2017 // Creative Direction, UX Design

Giving the Users What They Want

The Rogue UX team had the exciting opportunity to pool our collective 2.5 million Facebook and Instagram users for research, information, and testing during the design process. We built the app in-house, and delivered our MVP within 6 months. The app now has close to 10,000 daily active users, and generates close to 2% of sales, after only 7 months

Establishing The Big Picture

My team began, as we always do, by taking inventory of our journey maps and all of the task/ user flows throughout our existing web ecosystem, which we used as a basis to begin writing user stories for the app. Below are some of the finished screens.


Using our segmentation data and powered by Adobe Recommendations, we’re able to reach specific user groups with targeted content. Crossfit, powerlifting, gymnastics, you name it. Testing showed a 22% increase in conversion from the home page of the app after we implemented personalization.

In-App Segmentation

Our Analytics team spent over a year crunching the data necessary to identify our user segments. This data would be used to power our shopping recommendations, email marketing, loyalty, and more.

Rapid Purchase/ Buy Now

What if we could reduce the clicks it takes to allow a user to convert? We did this with our simple (no options) products right from the app. You get a new product notification, and can purchase the item immediately.

Rapid Checkout

By default, all users are logged in. If billing and shipping information are pre-populated, the user can place their order immediately.

The Rogue Shipping System

Our online Shipping Tracker allows you to follow the progress of your order from our warehouse floor to the time it hits your door. We integrated it natively into the app. We’ve found a tremendous increase in positive customer sentiment with this system, ensuring a continous positive user experience, post-purchase. 70% of our reviews mentioned the speed and accuracy with which their orders, great and small, are received.

Rogue RapidFire Messaging

All new product notifications go to the app users before our mailing lists, thereby helping to incentivise app downloads.